The Best Trampoline Brands for Kids

There are many trampoline brands which are out in the market nowadays. Trampoline manufacturing companies know for a fact that the ones who greatly enjoy trampolines are the kids, as they are the ones with more energy and the ones who always seek out an opportunity to move around, have fun, and play with others. The trampoline is an effective means through which kids are able to do so. As much as children are adventure and thrill seekers, chances are, they’re prone to get injured which makes safety features and the overall durability of the trampoline such a necessity. lists down the best trampoline reviews of top trampoline brands for kids, and why they are said to be so. All of these brands rate a 4.6 or better out of 5 stars on Amazon, which means that they have earned rave reviews from those who bought them. These brands are the following:


                  The trampoline made by Skywalker is one of the most secure and safest trampolines in the market nowadays. It measures 12 feet and has a protective net which protects children who are inside the trampoline from falling off or going out of balance. All the metallic parts which protrude or have sharp edges are also padded to make sure that it does not cause injury of any sort.  It could also be bought for a mere 300 dollars, and other things could be added into it, like the basketball ring for a more entertaining trampoline jumping session.

Little Tikes

                  The Little Tikes brand is one which is specially made for toddlers. This is small in size, and similar to the Skywalker brand, features a safety net around the trampoline frame for added safety for the little tots who choose to play inside the trampoline. Its price range is also similar to other brands. This measures three feet and is one which is fully surrounded by the net.


JumpSport Fitness

                  Despite not having any form of safety net wrapped around where you’re supposed to bounce, the jump spot fitness still makes it into the list because of how solid and sturdy it is on its own. It is capable of handling a massive 220 lbs., and is made of solid steel. This is a mini trampoline great for kids and smaller adults. Just make sure that it is situated somewhere safe to compensate the lack of a safety net.


Top 10 Best Slip Fielders of all Time

The slip cordon off the cricket field is of utmost importance, especially when the bowler is tantalizing the batsmen with the movement off the pitch and the batsman is edging more often than not. The sharpness required from the slip fielder’s end is phenomenal. You have to be very alert and quick to respond to the slip catches. They come once in some time and you should be well prepared for it.

The world cricket has produced some incredible slip fielders over the time and best fielders have also recorded their stats on the ICC hall of fame. The Australian team has always produced some world quality fielders and also some sharp slip fielders. It is due to the uncanny performance by their lead bowlers like Shane Warne, McGrath and other over the time.

Here are the top 10 best slip fielders of all time:

  1. Mark Waugh:

Mark Waugh was one of the best slip fielders of all time. It has been acknowledged by the experts as well as the teams against which he has played. He rarely dropped any catch that came in the slip cordon and sometimes he also made the half chances into proper catches. Mark Waugh has retired from the international cricket but his fielding is still talked about in the cricket clan.

  1. Shane Warne:

He was mostly seen fielding in the slip cordon because of his ability to get hold off the balls more often the not. He was a great catcher if not the best ground fielder around. Shane is also known for his slip fielding apart from being known as the spin legend. His heroics in the slip region remain to be the popular talk subjects of the commentators.

  1. Inzamam Ul Haq:

He was not very swift across the field and that is the major reason why he was seen mostly in the slip cordon. His precision and eye over the ball was incomparable. Inzamam was very quick to move around and was a great catcher too.

  1. VVS Laxman:

VVS Laxman is the former Indian cricketer who was usually seen fielding in the slips. His movements were very swift across the field and in the slip region, he was simply irreplaceable. The catches he has taken off the seam bowlers over the time are the talk of the town.

  1. Ricky Ponting:

He was a flexible fielder and could be placed anywhere around the park. His frequency of holding on to the catches was fairly high and he was complimented by one of the greatest fielders of all time. Ricky Poting was definitely one of the best slip fielders of all time.

  1. Michael Clarke:

Michael Clarke took over the captainship from Ricky Ponting and with captaincy, he also took up the responsibility of leading the team with an example through ground fielding. His ability to catch the ball in the slips is incredible.

  1. Mark Taylor:

He is the former Australian captain who was known mostly for his accuracy in catching while fielding in the slips. Mark Taylor helped Shane Warne with many wickets, thanks to his capability of converting the half chances into full catches.

  1. Matthew Hayden:

He was having a big structure but it did not make him lazy enough to move around the place and catch some balls. He was either seen in the slips or in the gully region. He would rarely miss the catches and it is the reason why he was the captain’s favorite.

  1. Stephen Fleming:

Stephen Fleming was a great catcher of his time. He is the former New Zealand team captain and he has single handedly won the team many matches. The standards of his ground fielding were very high and he set up an example of his team mates.

  1. Mahela Jayawardene:

Mahela Jaywardene is a legend who hails from Sri Lanka. His fielding in the slip cordon is close to perfect. He moves timely across the place and catches the nearly impossible takes. He is certainly one of the best slip fielders of all time.

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How to Improve Your Vertical Jumping within Weeks

Vertical Jumping

Every game needs some sort of training and proper knowledge to play well. When it comes to vertical jump, it does not need special footwear, training of many years or genetics of the Dwyane Wade. All you need to do is to simply focus on some strengthening exercises to enhance the vertical jumping. With these exercises, you can out-rebound challengers on the court within just a few weeks. Let us do discussion about some exercises:

  1. Perform Bulgarian Split Squats

It is interesting to know that your legs provide you with the power to make you jump higher. But it has reviewed that most of the guys train their legs infrequently. Here, these split squats are a perfect option to build strength, while enhancing the balance. To perform this exercise, you need to stand away from the bench and put your non-working leg on it. Grab a dumbbell in both hands and stand straight with the chest up. Use the lead foot heel to push you back up into a perpendicular position. You need to do this work out on a repetitive basis.

  1. Get the lumps out of the leg muscles

If you have a muscle knot, known as trigger points, it restricts the length of muscle tissue, which makes them weaker and shortened. For this, you can make use of a foam roller to stay away from these knots and making your muscles lengthen. With all these exercises, you need to move slowly and make a stop on tender spots.

Vertical Jumping

Vertical Jumping

  1. Practice depth jumps

This exercise is also a perfect addition to the list of ways to improve your vertical jump. It can be performed by stepping off a box. Afterwards, you need to explode upward instantly upon landing on the floor. With it, you are going to teach reaction time. It will assist your lower muscles on the body to get activated when you want to catch air. The way to perform this exercise is that you need to stand on a box with 6’’ to 8’’ off the floor. Once you touch the floor, you will be able to jump high, which you want. You need to land softly in a healthy position. One can take a second to set free, then again start doing the same exercise on a repetition basis.

These are some exercises, which will provide you with the assistance to enhance your vertical jump. In this manner, one can perform well during the vertical jump.